Our company is purpose-driven, entrepreneurial at heart, and driven by a few core beliefs. We’re held together by an affinity for meaningful work and a desire to partner with people who think and dream big. We love a good story.

We were in the first place on ‘’Behance’’ in the field of Branding Design in 2014 & 2015.

We won the Gulf level in the graphic design department in the Nasser bin Hamad Youth Creativity Competition in 2013.

We won the Aramco Award for Best Advertising Campaign in 2010.

Why Rabeez?

We use unique methods to identify
your needs in Arabic calligraphy which
are reflected in modern and innovative
We are also an acclaimed/
distinguished/ world renowned agency
in the field of Arabic calligraphy.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in working with Rabeez, send up a flare and tell us about your project.