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Al Rajhi

About the project

Al Rajhi Capital offers a full range of strategic financial advisory services, which includes structuring and arranging both debt and capital to help clients finance their projects and achieve their financing goals. Al Rajhi Capital wants to present with a professional and formal appearance that suits its services and customers, because it has a lot of local and international experience in various products and services that enables it to serve customers and meet their needs.

Scope of work

We have worked on a strategy that reflects the future visions of the brand in a formal and professional manner and shows the brand in a manner that suits the financial field and the targeted audience, where the customer receives a mental impression of the identity in a simplified and accessible way, and this is true for anyone who deals with or sees the mark, in a sustainable way.

Scope of work

  • Logo and Identity Creation
  • Graphic System
  • Identity Applications
  • Identity Guidelines

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