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Majles Alsayahid

The challenge

A club specialized in the care of camels and those who are interested in them, and the relevant activities under one association. This was an interest in and support for the folklore in Saudi Arabia and its preservation under the supervision of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. The challenge was to work on one of the programs of "The Al Sayahed Council". Interested in discussing issues related mainly to camels and other diverse cultural topics and moving the events of the camel festival. The brand aspires to upgrade its logo and identity as it lacks professionalism, clarity, and satisfaction with these points as it runs the most anticipated events in Saudi Arabia.

What has been achieved

With the desire of the brand to acquire a professional and highly visible appearance, we have worked to upgrade the logo and identity with a thoughtful strategy that takes the brand toward a more modern style that achieves its long-term goals and serves it in different identity applications.

Scope of work

  • Logo and Identity Creation
  • Graphic System
  • Identity Guidelines

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