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The challenge

A bakery belonging to a series of well-established brands specializing in serving different types of bakery and hot drinks that give the client a special and different experience in the world of bakery and strive to step the customer out of the ordinary with the appearance, name, and advertising messages which creatively and sustainably express the brand's field and excellence in its services.

What has been achieved

The challenge was to build a brand from scratch by creating the name, logo, identity, and advertising messages with a thoughtful and accurate strategy that serves the orientation of the brand. We started by choosing an uncomplicated name that contains indications of the type of service. The name was inspired by a popular Swedish habit that means "Coffee time" representing the most famous element of what the brand offers, this being an item to interconnect a logo and an identity that possesses the highest levels of creativity and sustainable excellence.

Scope of work

  • Logo Development
  • Naming
  • Graphic System
  • Identity Applications
  • Brand Messages
  • Packaging Design
  • Identity Guidelines

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