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The challenge

A Saudi coffee shop in Abha city serves a unique taste, starting from coffee cups to perfect bakery. The brand aims to show its idealism in a logo and identity that reflects the characteristics of generosity and the Aseeri region, in a creative style that does not lose value on the sustainability front.

What has been achieved

With the wishes of the client, we started the challenge of building a solid strategy that supports our journey to design a logo and identity that carries the meanings of generosity and existence. From the history of our Arabs, we were inspired by the character of Hatem Al-Tai in designing the logo, and we were inspired by the Arab desert environment in choosing the colors and symbols that represent the identity that exceeded the creative expectations of diverse identity applications, so that we can emerge fully and sustainably.

Scope of work

  • Logo Development
  • Graphic System
  • Identity Applications
  • Packaging Design
  • Identity Guidelines

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