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The challenge

Sanabil Investment aims to reflect its values and features in the aspects of its logo and identity, while maintaining a consistent pattern to achieve harmony in its applications. Sanabil Investment strives to establish a formal and professional image in both internal and external transactions. This approach aligns with the company’s commitment as a financial investment company, dedicated to investing approximately $2 billion annually in private investments, encompassing bold capital, growth strategies, and small acquisitions.

What has been achieved

We worked on implementing the logo and identity within the association’s headquarters, adapting it to various mediums, and ensuring its consistent use in internal and external communication channels between employees and clients. This approach has successfully established a branding identity that aligns with future goals and ambitions, while standardizing the logo & identity usage in sustainable ways that serve the brand’s aspirations.

Scope of work

Identity Applications of the work environment, Identity Applications of internal communication, Website Development.

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