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The challenge

Batook, a company of longstanding in the production and manufacture of gum and candy in the Middle East, aims to upgrade the traditional identity and logo and sustainably and intelligently keep up with modernity, that supports their plans and objectives in expanding and continuously as one of the most important players and influencers in the Saudi food market, seeing that it includes more than 10 sub-brands and more than 50 items of gum products (e.g Nova, Batook, Klast, and Miska).

What has been achieved

We started by analyzing the brand and studying its long history in this area and creating a new strategy with a concept that is different from the previous one. The brand's features and messages are communicated more accurately to give a professional image and confidence, with nature-inspired symbols, which in turn represent the food field while combining them with symbols of eternity as evidence of strength and a lasting presence.

Scope of work

Logo and Identity Creation, Graphic System, Identity Applications, Brand Messages, Identity Guidelines, Identity Applications of the work, environment, Website Development, Brand Architecture, Lunch campaign, motion video.

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