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The challenge

A Saudi hotel founded in Aseer Region in Abha City, the brand wanted to build a logo and identity that demonstrates the hotel’s excellence in the high-quality and varied services aimed at creating a comfortable and unique experience in the world of hotels, with some artistic touches that reflect the Saudi spirit formally and professionally to comply with its services and its luxury to begin its journey with integration.

What has been achieved

With the creation of a strategy that serves the ambitions of the brand and the extraction of a short and distinctive name, we have taken the decision that is opposite to the Aseeri spirit in building an identity and logo with engravings, colors and symbols compatible with nature. It was produced professionally, and in a unique and sustainable manner, to complete the project and serve the brand in its beginnings and for the long term.

Scope of work

Logo and Identity Creation, Naming, Graphic System, Identity Applications, Identity Guidelines.

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