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The challenge

Almunajem company has decided to upgrade the logo and identity that has endured for more than seven decades in the field of import, marketing, and distribution of frozen, cooled, and dry foodstuffs and is in line with the modern style, while maintaining the features of the old identity logo in a sustainable manner that achieves its desired objectives.

What has been achieved

Once we have worked on upgrading the logo and the identity of a brand that has been on the market for decades, we will consider the preservation of features of the previous identity and develop it to achieve the spirit of modern styles while keeping the original touches that the consumer will be able to recognize. We were also keen to bring the brand closer to its food field ambitions and goals, by highlighting its values and features in an attractive manner that serves the brand's goals for future decades.

Scope of work

Logo and Identity Facelift, Graphic System, Identity Applications, Identity Guidelines, Brand Messages

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