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The challenge

Since 1942, Al Ansari Holdings has been a trusted name is Saudi Arabia and a beacon of excellence, empowering clients to achieve their goals, unlock exciting opportunities in construction, manufacturing, trading, energy, real estate, and investment. Our challenge was to renew the identity of Al Ansari, mainly construction-focused holding company, and transform the perception of them as a single-sector entity. We aimed to showcase their involvement in manufacturing, energy, and investment, while also positioning them for future expansion.

What has been achieved

We successfully transformed Al Ansari Holding’s image from solely a construction company and positioned them as a diversified holding company through an identity renewal project. Accomplishments include a new logo, comprehensive graphic system, cohesive brand architecture, and impactful brand applications. This establishes a strong and unified brand image, supporting their growth and expansion.

Scope of work

Logo development, Graphic system, Brand architecture, Brand Massaging, Identity Applications, Identity Guidelines.

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