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The challenge

An entertainment company and subsidiary of Albaltan Group's leading investment company, Rafeeh was founded to create extraordinary opportunities for Saudi Arabia through entertainment, and it aspires to demonstrate its diversity and variety in the fields of recreation and embrace each modern recreational activity clearly and creatively, showing the magnitude of the project, as Rafeeh includes under its umbrella many companies in the entertainment sector: Games, logistics, video games, and festivals. The company seeks to expand in various entertainment fields.

What has been achieved

We started the project by creating a name that is in harmony with the entertainment field, to then inspire the logo using the umbrella with its multiple colors to suggest that the company includes a group of entertainment companies that conforms to the ambitions and objectives of the company, such as to expand and continuously develop entertainment and its destinations, to be a pioneer in everything and offer exclusiveness, in addition to its contribution to achieving one of the visions of Saudi Arabia 2030, which is one of the most important goals and aspirations of the brand.

Scope of work

Logo and Identity Creation, Naming, Graphic System, Identity Applications, Identity Guidelines, Brand Messages

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