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The challenge

Sail, a subsidiary of The Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) and wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund, specializes in marine environmental services. looks forward to reflecting its vision and scope of work on a logo and identity that describe it as a regional center for combating dangerous oil spills along Saudi Arabia’s coasts in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

What has been achieved

Our strategy for developing the logo and identity involved incorporating maritime elements into the name, colors, and symbols. These features represent the marine and environmental field services while embodying a national spirit through the depiction of Saudi Arabia’s maritime boundaries. This approach aims to provide clarity for individuals interested in the domestic maritime sector. The visual impact is evident at first glance, as the logo and identity were designed with simplicity and creativity, expressing the brand’s objectives and vision. Accompanying advertising messages were carefully selected to align with the brand’s goals and vision.

Scope of work

Logo and Identity Creation, Naming, Graphic System, Identity Applications, Identity Guidelines, Brand Messages, Brand Strategy

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