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The challenge

As one of the subsidiaries of The Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) and fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, Akam is specialized in collecting materials resulting from building demolitions and construction, recycling them for various purposes in attempts to minimize visual deformation and eliminate indiscriminate disposal once and for all. The company seeks to reflect its vision and objectives through a logo and identity that include symbols from its field.

What has been achieved

In the strategy of creating the logo and identity, we have worked on reflecting the spirit of the field in the name, colors and symbols that symbolize the environment and the collection of demolition rubble and construction materials. This approach contributes to distinguishing their services. All the building and demolition codes used in the logo are translated into messages that were carefully selected and incorporated into the applications of identity, thereby serving the objectives and vision of the brand.

Scope of work

Logo and Identity Creation, Naming, Graphic System, Identity Applications, Identity Guidelines, Brand Messages, Brand Strategy

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