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The challenge

This brand focuses on the importance of family, aiming to strengthen its bond and preserve its identity and values within society. By doing so, it contributes to improving various aspects of life and enhances the role of the family through collaboration with community institutions involved in social affairs. The brand aims to create a strong logo and identity that accurately represents its field and its commitment to serving the family community. Simultaneously, it works towards instilling its goals and values as the top priority.

What has been achieved

We have delivered the logo and identity in accordance with the standards sought by the brand. In constructing the logo and identity, we incorporated symbols that symbolize the significance of the family bond, perfectly reflecting the brand’s essence. Additionally, we conducted a philosophical study to carefully select colors that harmonize with the logo and align with the brand’s long-term vision.

Scope of work

Logo development, identity development, brand text font, brand guideline

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