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The challenge

The first modern and fully local Saudi brand to specialize in the coffee industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also the most widely distributed geographically. It has 320 branches in most cities of Saudi Arabia. For its existence over the past years, the brand seeks to highlight its values and features at a higher level, to continue achieving its multiple goals that are geared toward the hearts of its consumers.

What has been achieved

In order to highlight the values and characteristics of the brand and bring it closer to the hearts of consumers, we moved to develop the identity and advertising messages onto another level and to accurately fit with the ambitions and objectives of the brand to be unique in ‘its carefully chosen style and messages as it brandishes its features and values that preserve the spirit and life of the brand in a sustainable manner.

Scope of work

Graphic System, Identity Applications, Brand Messages, Packaging Design and Illustrations, Identity Guidelines, Brand Strategy

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