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The challenge

The National Center for Wildlife is a center dedicated to providing environmental protection for terrestrial and marine areas to enhance biodiversity. The center initiates the establishment of a system for protected areas and focuses on licensing, trade, acquisition, and other related services. The center seeks to present its team of wildlife explorers in a new light that befits their expertise and the challenging tasks they undertake. They professionally face the challenges of each location and distinguish themselves with their experience and passion for monitoring wildlife and providing studies and solutions for the protection of biodiversity and the richness of the terrain in each region.

What has been achieved

We embarked on a journey with the National Center for Wildlife to build a logo and identity for the explorer team that will be launched publicly to become an iconic team, given its exploratory activities and determination to protect the environment and delve into its secrets with complete courage. We worked to incorporate the spirit of adventure, exploration, and spatial coordinates of the team to inspire the colors of the logo, its symbols, and create a name that reflects its advantages and noble mission.

Scope of work

Building the identity and logo, Naming and messaging, Brand strategy, Graphic system, Identity applications, Identity usage guide.

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